Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Randomness

The steaks we had Saturday? The best I have EVER had. I really didn't want the meat to be superior to what I buy at Raley's, but it really was. I ate that whole 10 ounce sirloin too. It was good as HELL. Then I got drunk and danced with my husband all night, so I burned it right back off.


I feel better today than I have on a Monday in a really long time. Know why? Because I'm SMOKING. God damn cigarettes, I swear. I'm really bummed that I started again after those 6 days off-I have just really lost my mojo. Youngest says I obsess/talk about it more now than I did during those 6 days, and I think he's right. I was more resigned to it then, like it was something I was doing. Anyway, my new quit date AGAIN is next Sunday.


Hubbs told me this weekend that being married to me is like training a horse-you want them tame but you don't want to break their spirit. I thought that was cute. And very, very true. He has done an excellent job of helping me get rid of my crazies.


We're going to the beach!


Deirdre Bunny said...

Magz has said a lot of things about what its like being my partner, heh. None of which I can blame her for. She's been really great about things.

It's hard for them, I know. But, at least we keep it interesting, right?

You have a wonderful hubbsterz!

Lula said...

Thanks Deirdre. I tell him (often) at least your never bored!