Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hard At Work, Honest

Lula: do you ever feel bad for the evil thinks you think?

Little Wing: rarely

Lula: lucky ass. as soon as i have an evil thought about, for example, that guy, i instantly feel bad

Little Wing: psh

Little Wing: what was the thought???

Lula: that i want to punch him in the face so it will jar him out of his stupor.

Lula: and how dumb do you have to be if whats her face looks smarter than you

Little Wing: that is perfectly reasonable

Lula: see? im going to hell

Little Wing: nope

Lula: that is why i love you. you think my thinks are reasonable.

Lula: perhaps i will blog this insane conversation

Little Wing: we are equally whack-a-doo

Little Wing: you have to include the random outbursts

Lula: k

Little Wing: so...lemme get this straight...whats his nuts isn't going to get a job that requires him to lift over 20 lbs because it might hurt their settlement???

Little Wing: Loser!

Lula: what a frickin douche BAG

Lula: what fucking settlement? i thought all the lawyers told them they didn't even have a case

Little Wing: I'm starting to think she is a little lair

Little Wing: liar

Lula: a little lair? like where jungle cats and rodents live? trolls and such?

Little Wing: hehe

Little Wing: keeps eating butter


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