Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Brain At 5AM

So, because I’m trying to see some positive when I feel drowned in negative, here’s my theory on the past 16 days.

First I hurt my arm, and then I spent the next 10 days recovering. Then I caught some flu/cold nonsense, and have spent the last 5 days doped up on cold meds and basically parked on the couch.

I quit drinking about 16 days ago. I think the injury and sickness were the universe’s way of distracting me from the fact that I wasn’t drinking. A wise man once told me it takes about 3 weeks to make or break a habit, and I’m a few short days away from the 3 week mark. It flew by, because I was in pain and sick. Generally just wrapped up in trying to feel better.

Or, I could just be a clumsy ass who got too close to the wrong person. Whichever.

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