Saturday, September 13, 2008

She's A Maniac......Maniac......

I have been going through it lately. Depressed, anxious, can't sit still, etc...

My husband and I were sitting on the bed this morning and he said-

"Do you know what I think your problem is?"

I, of course, panic.

Hubbs-"You're depressed, but you're in manic mode. You can't focus or finish a thought."

Me-"That's what you think?"

Hubbs-"Yes, I do. It's been coming on for a while now."

Me-"What am I going to make for dinner tonight? And what exactly are we doing today? Are we painting?.....Oh my god, you're right."

It made me want to cry, the realization that he was so much more aware of my current mental condition than I am.

I'm thankful that he is aware, and able to help me through this. And that he realizes when I interrupt him or change the subject I'm not being rude, I just can't focus right now. My thoughts are flying at me, I can't make a decision, and the world is currently a very scary place.


Miyonao said...

I think it's great that you have someone supporting you going through your problems. You might already know, but I recommend Yoga and meditation to increase your ability to concentrate. As part of overcoming social anxiety disorder exercises, I also practice "slow talk" for about 30 minutes everyday. You can choose an article or any kind of reading that has positive contents to read out loud with a slower speed than you normally speak. By talking slowly, it helps you to become calmer. After you do that for a week or two, you can then start talking slowly to your family or anyone who's close to you. Then you can practice with strangers.

Hope this help.

LulaBelle said...

Thanks Miyonao, that's great advice

~ MistyMisty ~ said...

Good luck!!!

LulaBelle said...

Thank you. I'm semi-normal today