Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hard At Work

Lulabelle: meh and pre are a match made in heaven
Little Wing: i bet they both sit there and think about themselves while the other is going on and on
Lulabelle: i bet youre right
Lulabelle: :bz
Lulabelle: thats supposed to be a bee
Lulabelle: : bz
Lulabelle: damn it
Little Wing: bee is broken
Lulabelle: poor bee
Little Wing: there she goes from office to office with her sad story
Lulabelle: i havent heard it yet but im sure i will
Little Wing: you're next!!!!!!!!!!
Lulabelle: what is this yahoo radio you use?
Little Wing: yahoo launch radio
Lulabelle: tahnks
Lulabelle: thanks
Lulabelle: dyselxia
Lulabelle: hilarious
Little Wing: awesome
Lulabelle: i have to use internet explorer?
Little Wing: yes
Lulabelle: that is a bunch of BULLSHIT
Little Wing: it's craptastic
Lulabelle: craptabulous

One hour later-

Little Wing: oh dear god, my ears are crying
Lulabelle: that was a long ass lecture/conversation
Little Wing: i guess i better get used to it
Lulabelle: why? the ***** stuff?
Little Wing: yep
Lulabelle: poor you
Lulabelle: ITS OK
Lulabelle: what do you mean weird
Little Wing: he just kinda avoided the whole thing and then today the only thing he said was "are you happier in here?"
Lulabelle: i think he barely knows whats going on, in general
Lulabelle: dont trip potato chip
Little Wing: k
Little Wing: i won't if you tell me not to oh wise Lula
Lulabelle: he never says hi to me unless im right in front of him, he introduces people to everyone up here but me, etc....
Lulabelle: he has some weird thing in his hand that I have not yet identified
Little Wing: maybe he's afraid he'll slip and admit his love for you
Lulabelle: maybe you make him nervous because he thinks youre ROJO CALIENTE
Lulabelle: get out of my head
Little Wing: thing in his hand???
Lulabelle: i meant head, but hand is funnier
Lulabelle: im blogging this i think
Little Wing: our crazy convo?
Lulabelle: yes maam
Lulabelle: they make me laugh

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