Saturday, October 11, 2008


My my-what a day so far!

It actually started yesterday-when I came home from work, Hubbs informed me that our vacuum had broken. This actually made me very happy, because we have been using an ancient 9000 pound Kirby for quite a while, and I hated it. So much so that I don't even think I've vacuumed this house since we bought it. Husband or Youngest always do it for me. But still, it meant money spent that we hadn't planned on.

This morning, I woke up, started a load of laundry, used the bathroom-and the toilet started overflowing. Weird, because it was just a normal bathroom usage, nothing out of the ordinary if you know what I mean. Youngest's toilet was also acting goofy, and while trying to fix it we realized the washer was backing up into his shower. (Let's call the landlord-oh yeah, we own this place.)

Now, we had plans today, plans that included finishing the trim on all the new windows, and painting, and taking time out to write another story, and of course mom/wife stuff-all the laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc...

Hubbs and Youngest finally went under the house and realized there was some sort of clog that required calling a plumber. Great, there's God knows how much more money spent we hadn't planned on.

I called the plumber, explained the situation, and told him that the clean out drain was under the house.

"No problem, $85.00 and he'll be there in an hour."

Thank GOD, because I had already pee'd in the yard once-not having a working toilet does not work for me AT ALL. And $85.00? Not so bad.

When the guy showed up, he said "Oh, under the house? I can't do that, it's too unsafe. I need to call another guy, we'll go on the roof, and it's $175.00"

Hubbs came in, explained what the guy said, and at this point I was like-"Whatever-I have to pee again, I haven't showered, and it's 11am."

He decided to try the toilets and lo and behold-they worked! He ran the showers-drained fine!

So with plunger in hand, he went outside, told the plumber "You quoted my wife one amount over the phone, but now that the job's easier you want to charge me more? Never mind-get your shit and get out of here."

Now granted, the problem is obviously not fixed. Temporarily yes, but now (hopefully) we can wait until next weekend, rent a snake thingie (technical term), and fix it ourselves. Whatever the clog was, it's gone for now.

The vision of my husband, plunger in hand, telling the plumber to F off and get the hell out of here-I was suddenly able to see the humor in the whole thing.

Go Hubbs!


wirecutter said...

I have the same problem kinda sorta. We've got these Chinese Elms all over the valley that are a real pest - their roots travel everywhere, especially cracked sewer lines.
Mine get clogged with roots twice a year at $185 a whack.
If I could afford to replace the line I would BUT it's under my driveway........

LulaBelle said...

We do have a huge tree in our front yard-I really hope it's not that.