Thursday, October 2, 2008

So Brave

I had lunch with Hubbs this afternoon, and while this sounds like a normal experience, for me it is not. I decided to pick up sandwiches at the local deli and while waiting in line I had a brief moment of “What the hell am I doing here I have to get out NOW”. I have no idea what brings this on. It happens when I’m alone most often, but not always. If I think someone’s looking at me I really freak out, which is something I need to get over considering I’m almost 6 feet tall in these heels. People tend to look. I hung in there, got the sandwiches, and high tailed it out of there.

After leaving the deli I was on the road behind some kind of big truck towing some kind of something (girl speak). I thought to myself “Instead of getting irritated and passing him just to get in front of him, use this time to practice driving like a normal human being.” So I did. He was going almost to the exact same place I was, so I stayed behind him all the way to Hubb’s work. I used the time to sing at the top of my lungs (I’m loving that 30 Seconds To Mars song “The Kill”. There is something very satisfying about screaming “This is who I really am” as loud as you can)

After lunch (which was awesome, the Hubbs and I never have enough time together) I was in need of my daily Diet Coke fix. I almost drove an extra mile out of my way to go to the market I always go to. Familiar places are my saving grace. Then I thought, seriously? You’re going to drive all the way down there out of your way when there is a market RIGHT THERE on your way back to work?

I stopped at the new market, and not only was it on my way, empty, and very clean, my soda was on sale for $0.69!!

I know it sounds silly, but those three minor experiences left me feeling like I really accomplished something. I didn’t run out of the deli, I had a calm driving experience, and I visited a new market.

Go me!


Miyonao said...

There you go! Sounds like singing while driving is working out. I'm so glad.

LulaBelle said...

Thanks, me too. I was pretty proud of myself that day!