Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats REALLY In A Lulabelle

I had the most bizarre dream last night, and while I feel it is too personal to share, I will share what the dream dictionary claims is going on in my rattled head.

Situation #1- Something or someone is jeopardizing your self-esteem and emotional well-being. You feel that someone or something is being forced upon you. (What the hell? I always feel like something is being forced on me (work, travel, getting up at the crack of dawn), and my self esteem/emotional well being is in jeopardy EVERY DAY, because that’s just who I am)

Situation #2- To see diamonds in your dream signifies the wholeness of the Self. You may be finding clarity in matters that have been clouding you. It may also point to your unchanging or unyielding nature. You may be distancing yourself from others. (All three of these are true. I am very unyielding, though I do feel myself changing because I have been finding clarity lately. And I do have a tendency to distance myself from people when my emotions get out of hand)

Situation #3- To dream that you are at a party suggests that you need to get out more and enjoy yourself. If the party is bad, then it indicates that you are unsure of your social skills (!!!). (The party in my dream was good until I had to kick Albert Einstein out for being an asshole. I was unable to find a reference to him in the dictionary)

Weird how correct it is, no?

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