Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hubbs, Youngest, and I went to our local pawn shop today to check out a guitar Youngest wanted. Actually, the boys went to the dump, stopped at the pawn shop on the way home, found a guitar the manager was willing to part with for $60.00, so we went back to check it out.

We brought Youngest's guitar with us, because he is in need of a case. It's a copy of a flying V-I barely know what I'm talking about here, but a standard case doesn't work for this sort of guitar, due to the shape.

Anyhow, we were waiting for the manager to get a free moment when some older man walked up and said

"Is that your flying V?"


"Are you selling it?"


"You know, in 1976 Ibanez made 4 flying V's before they got sued by the original manufacturer and had to stop production. I had the 4th one, and I paid $400.00 for it."

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah, but I traded it to some guy for some car parts and a bag of weed. Now it's on the wall at guitar center for $25,000.00"

"Oh, that's too bad", I said, while thinking-Hello? You do realize this is my 12 year old son you're telling this story to?


The guitar we were looking at was messed up-something to do with the electronics, the sound was very scratchy. But, he did sell us a case for $5.00. It wasn't exactly the right size, but we brought it home, cut out the foam to make it fit, glued some fake fur over the foam, and Voila!! Awesome guitar case for less than $20.00.


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