Monday, November 24, 2008


I am oh so very tired today, but we had a great weekend.

Went to Brother's house to spend some time with Nephew-what a change in that boy! The Marine's have turned him into a man-a polite man, full of respect. Not that he was disrespectful before, but you can just see the change in him-he's proud of himself, and that makes such a difference in a person's attitude. I'm so proud of him.

Once I started thinking about it I realized that no one (that I can recall)in my family has ever served in the military. So I had to crack a million jokes about where the hell he learned that kind of behavior-but in all honesty I am very proud of him. I just want him to come home alive.

We went to a craft fair, and people kept stopping him and thanking him for serving our country, and every time someone did that I would tear up-I only actually cried once though, so that was ok.

We started our Sunday with my Brother showing up at 6am for breakfast-this after us not getting home from his house until around midnight the night before.

Then I proceeded to run around like a mad woman-cleaning, laundry, doing inventory of my cookware, shopping for pans I didn't know I needed, and wrapping gifts. All weekend I stayed up too late and got up too soon. (Isn't that a song? Poison I think. It is- "Look What The Cat Dragged In")

Anyhow, I am quite tired. And it's guitar lesson night for the boy, so no early bedtime for me.

And I think I'm getting a cold, which will piss me right off-Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I can't be sick. I'm actually baking this year, which should be interesting. I'm going to try my hand at homemade pecan pie, and lemon bars. I'll post pictures-it should be fun.

What are your holiday plans?


SusanStrange said...

You know if you want I have a ton of easy baking recipes, I'd like to share them with you. There are alot of things I'd like to talk with you about but, I'm phone shy. If I could email you about eveything going on here in cali I'd love that. There are things about oldest I'd like to know about that would, I think help me, not deal but I guess understand him. I do wish you would have come for Thanksgiving, you have got to be the best MIL. I'm lucky thanks. Please contact me at

LulaBelle said...

Wow, that made my day! Thanks so much. I'll email you-you can talk to me about anything.

And for the record, I'm phone shy too. HATE the phone!