Saturday, November 29, 2008

This and That

I have been so busy the past few days. It's been a nice busy though, hanging out with family and friends.

A few quick updates-

Here is a picture of the bacon wrapped jalapeƱos I made. They were DELICIOUS! I highly recommend them. I paid for it them the next day with my acid reflux, but they were so worth it.

Again, thanks to Pioneer Woman for the recipe. Find it here.

Little Wing, her mother, and I went to see Australian Pink Floyd last night. They're a Pink Floyd cover band, and they were awesome! If you're a fan of Pink Floyd, I highly recommend seeing the show if they come around your neck of the woods. Learn more about them here.

After the show I met Hubbs, his brother and the kids at the bowling alley and bowled a few games. I actually bowled three strikes in a row, and I beat the pants off of them the last game. Go me!

All this activity has left me a very tired girl. Today is relax, barbecue steaks, and spend some time with the family before they leave tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!


wirecutter said...

Bacon, mmmm Bacon.
I'll have to give that recipe a try when and if I can ever taste anything again.

LulaBelle said...

Yes, do. They are delish!

Hope you're feeling better.