Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The First 5

I believe it has been said that what a child experiences the first five years of life sticks with them forever. Let’s take a look at what shaped a Lulabelle, shall we?

Hmmm, I wonder where I learned to self medicate myself?

Ahhh. That explains quite a bit now, doesn’t it?

What a happy little girl! So carefree!

Still happy a year later-looking a bit tired though.


Can you see it? I swear when I look at pictures from my childhood I can see the moment when things changed. I wasn’t afraid of monsters-I had them living in my house. I saw them every day.

My eyes look progressively more haunted as the years progress, trust me. For some reason, that picture of 4 year old me on the monsters lap just cracks me up. Then it becomes not so funny.

I’m glad I’ve reached a point where I can make jokes at my own expense. I certainly can’t dwell on my childhood the rest of my life.

But, if I could change anything about myself, I would change that little girl’s eyes.


Miyonao said...

Wow, you were soooo cute. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

"I’m glad I’ve reached a point where I can make jokes at my own expense."

I can't do that yet. I'm afraid of looking back. Hope one day I'll be able do that. I know it'll take some time.

LulaBelle said...

Thanks Miyonao.

It does take time, and I hope someday you can do it too.