Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Edit-I wrote this entry, and when I logged in to post I realized my post from yesterday was titled "Flying By". So apparently, all that stuff I wrote below? Bullshit. I probably had the dreams because I feel like life is flying by. Get it??

The last two nights I have had the same dream-well, the same event in both dreams.

I’m standing at some random location, when I suddenly throw my arms above my head and shoot in to the sky.

The first night I was scared, and I told myself “Too high!” So I allowed myself to drift back down before I enjoyed the fall.

Last night I shot up in to the air, and I enjoyed the feeling-very exhilarating-and the scenery. It was fun looking down on the earth from that perspective.

Today, Little Wing and I looked up the meaning-

If you are feeling fear when you are flying or that you feel that you are flying too high, then it suggests that you are afraid of challenges and of success.

If you are flying with ease and enjoying the scene and landscape below, then it suggests that you are on top of a situation. You have risen above something. It may also mean that you have gained a different perspective on things. Flying dreams and the ability to control your flight is representative of your own personal sense of power.

What could it mean? How has my perspective changed in the last 2 days?

It could be the way I’ve been feeling about turning 40-the number shocks me, but
1. I don’t feel 40 and
2. I am DAMN lucky to have made it this far.

Girls like me end up in prison, on the streets, swinging from a pole, or in one institution or another. I, on the other hand, have an excellent job, my own home, family and friends who love me-and I’m (basically) sane.

I actually feel pretty good where I’m at right now.

Forty schmorty!

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Miyonao said...

Ages are just numbers. If you feel younger, then you're young!