Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What The Hell DMV????

I'm pretty sure everyone at the DMV hates me. I don't know why-I've never really met any of them or even had a conversation beyond "I'd like to renew my drivers license please." My last picture was so bad, when Little Wing saw it she said "Wow. Got meth?"

Yes. It was that bad. So for my birthday this year, instead of renewing by mail I though I would treat myself, spend the extra $2.50, and get a new picture.

Little Wing hasn't seen it yet, but I'm pretty sure the first words out of her mouth will be "Wow. Got pot?"

I would like to add that the first time I went, the lady let the guy in front of me re-take his horrible picture. When I asked, she said "No. It's fine." Fine if you're a frickin dope fiend.

This time, she warned the guy in front of me. She actually said "Get ready to smile. The flash will go off in 3...2...1..."

Me? She said "Lift your chin." That was it. I got no 3...2...1... click. I got no warning, no get ready to smile. I even asked her if my eyes were open. Her response? "Yes. It's fine."

Hubbs is convinced that they hate pretty girls and want us to look bad in our photos.

I'm going with that.


Miyonao said...

When I was trying to get my learner permit, I got the same treatment too. I had all IDs more than 6 credits, but the lady wanted to see my OFFICIAL college transcript(because I gave her an unofficial one. An official one takes a week to issue and costs money too.) which was totally unnecessary because I had other IDs made more than 6 points. So she asked me to go over to a manager like woman and ask her if they should accept my application. The manager approved and when I came back to her, she still wasn't satisfied and kept complaining.

But I past my test and got the permit that day. That was my revenge because I could tell she didn't want me to pass.

LulaBelle said...

It makes me wonder why such hateful people work in public service!

Miyonao said...

Haha...I know. Seems like they hate their life. Why's that? I thought their benefits and everything aren't too bad. Boring job?